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Cinema productions

The Corvins’ Castle was a host and a subject for many prestigious cinema productions (artistic movies, documentary movies or advertising spots), here being filmed famous moments of the Romanian or Universal History (“François Villon”, “Vlad Þepeº”, “Mihai Viteazul”, “Alexandru Lãpuºneanu”, “Michelangelo Buonarotti”, “The Damned Kings”, “Vlad”, “Jacqou le Croquat”, “Blood Rayne”, “Martin Luther”, “Henry the 8th”). Which are the criteria that make the Corvins’ Castle an interesting choice for the movie producers? The monument’s integrality, the generosity of the areas within the precincts and the protected area of the monument, the architecture and the related services offered by the urban environment and optionally by the rural one, located in the vicinity of the castle, environment that preserves relatively well its traditions.

The advantages of movie productions in Hunedoara are multiple and immediate. Mainly, it is about the financial benefits obtained by the castle, which will lead to the museum’s self-financing status as well as additional resources that can be used to the restoration works. Also, the economic agents have benefits by offering quality services for accommodation and meal demands related to the movie teams.

Until now the movie production represented the only way through which, for a short time, the castle is revived with medieval life.

Nostradamus shootings


  • Sandor Petoffy – national Hungarian poet
  • Aron Densusianu (1864)
  • George Martinuzzi
  • Sebastian Tinody Lantos
  • Nicolae Ceausescu

An unique castle

The uniqueness of the monument in Hunedoara consists in the representativeness of the military 15th century architecture in southeastern Europe. The most developed civil architectural elements are here combined. The Western Palace is built following a French model. This is an unique space in the Hungarian kingdom and it shows the greatness and the social and financial power of the Corvin family. The 17th century constructions are other elements that transform the castle into a singular one. Also the restoration woks in the 19th century, together with all the other works named so far, offer to the visitor a mixture of architectural elements that belong to the gothic, Renaissance, baroque and neogothic styles.

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