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Knights Order of Hunedoara

Knights Order of Hunedoara is a charity founded in 2006 at the initiative of young students sharing a common passion for the authentic national history. The source of inspiration for this endeavor came from the existing reenactment organizations in Western Europe, but also from different other initiatives as A.E.M.M.A. (Association of Medieval European Martial Arts), S.C.A. (Society for Creative Anachronism), or Company of Saint George (England). Having a strong model in the activity of the Knights Order of Medias – the oldest Medieval reenactment organization in Romania – and having main premises the Corvin Castle of Hunedoara – an unique architectural UNESCO monument in the South-East Europe – the objectives of our Order are related to the promotion of cultural built heritage and the development of cultural and educational activities linked to the Medieval times. For the reenactment part of our activity, our Order considered necessary to initially cover the most glorious period of the Corvin Castle, the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries of Medieval Transylvania.

In the beginning, despite the collective effort of the members, the constraints related to the lack of funding led to relatively minimal equipment with poor historical documentation, but following the dedication of the members, the organization soon after began and continued a process of recruitment, including historians.

In spite of financial and personnel problems, we continued and we prepared the organization props for what was the first official show of the Knights Order of Hunedoara, on 11 August 2006, commemorating 550 years from the death of the Prince Ioan de Hunedoara.

Over time, we have developed working connections with the specialists from the Corvin Castle Museum, improving the reenactment activity of the organization on more solid history-based ground. The results came soon, as even if we had to create our own specialty props following the historic sources, we managed to meet our own expectations and those of the community.

  • Any activity not directly related to the promotion of the Castle will be performed against a fee.
  • Knights Order of Hunedoara is a charity not organizational related to the Municipality or the Museum, and its members attend the organisation’s activities solely on the voluntary basis.
  • Any support for the activities of the organization is thus highly appreciated. Contact the president of the organization for details.

Contact: Marius-George Badiu – President
+(4) 0766 / 477.319
ordinulcavalerilordehunedoara@yahoo.com; mariusbadiu@yahoo.com;

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