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Transylvanian Folk Craftsmen Fair

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Transylvanian Folk Craftsmen Fair

Event organized in collaboration with Folk Craftsmen Association of Cluj, during the Days of Hunedoara,

22-24 of July 2016

The richness, creativity and the impressive originality of Romanian spirit will always live in the ancient traditions kept alive and carried forward by the artisans from our days. Regarding Romania, it is well known that its identity, folk creation and art have been lasting for centuries.

By organizing this special event at the Corvins’ Castle we wish to promote our traditional culture, to revive the Romanian handicrafts and to bring them to foreign markets, too. These Transylvanian handicrafts products teach us how to keep alive our cultural, regional and national identity.

Weavers’ guild and seamstresses’ guild. Weaves and seams cover much of traditional art including a great number of styles from different raw material and various methods of work.

Most of the tools used in cooking and keeping food and liquids were made of clay. Today pottery has a more of a decorative role and craftsmen just make finery painted with traditional decorations. Here we can see the potter’s wheel.

The technical inventiveness of woodworking, processing of certain metals, glass making, cow horn carving are the pursuits of other folk craftsmen who make up the woodworking and metalwork guild.

Painting on glass has undergone a significant development in Transylvania where there were entire villages of master painters. .

Sheepskin coats, girdles, belts and even leather ornaments were made using an ancient technic by the Sheepskin coat manufacturer guild.

One can admire beady jewelry and dolls dressed in Romanian or Hungarian folk costumes. Those who made them are gathered in the bead workers guild exceling in craftsmen ship and using a diverse color palate.

A great event” Transylvanian Folk Craftsmen Fair” at the Corvins’ Castle will gather 62 folk craftsmen organized in 45 stands during the three days festivities.

We are looking forward to see you there.

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